AMERICAN REBEL: The Dean Reed Story

Category: Film & Animation
Duration: 01:28:00
AMERICAN REBEL: The Dean Reed Story (1985)

Dean Reed was an international superstar in much of the world. His records sold millions and his films were the biggest box office hits behind the iron curtain. This film traces his odyssey from Denver to Hollywood, from South America to Helsinki, from Italy to Russia and finally to Berlin. It explores Reed's career as singer, actor, writer, director and political activist. His story is told in his own words, music, film clips, and archives from around the world. Included are interviews with his mother Ruth Anna Brown, his father Cyril Reed, acting coach Paton Price, Hollywood friend Phil Everly, wife Renate Blume and others.

This 1985 cult classic was filmed in the USA, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Russia and the Middle-East. AMERICAN REBEL was completed some six months before Reed's mysterious death in 1986, at the height of the Cold War. Despte his world fame he remains relatively unknown in his homeland, the USA.


0:00 Film Background & "We Say Yes"
2:58 Moscow 1981
8:16 Early Years, Colorado
13:34 Dean @ Home East Berlin, GDR
16:06 Colorado to Hollywood
21:58 Phil Everly
27:11 South America, Chile, Argentina
34:53 Washing the flag in Chile
37:30 1965 World Peace Congress / Valentina Tereshkova Interview
40:11 First Trip to Moscow 1965
42:50 Italian Films
46:20 Arrest in Argentina
48:31 Films in the GDR
49:30 Renate Blume
51:49 Reaching the Masses (Film work)
54:29 El Cantor
55:31 Minnesota arrest, 1975
59:28 Chile Expulsion 1983
1:04:28 Palestinians, Lebanon 1981
1:08:15 Nicaragua 1984
1:11:41 "We Shall Overcome"
1:20:17 Motivations of Dean Reed
1:24:26 End/Credits


Will Roberts

Associate Producers:
Ann Donohoe, Jennifer Dorn, Jane Hollo, Neil Jacobs, Christine Rath

Cinematography: Hiernan Correa, Michael Gregor, Vladimir Gusev, Joshua Hanig, Dieter Mesa, Bob Moore, Igor Murayev, Juan Priego, Christine Rath

Sound Recording: Akif Abulayev, Steve Budde, Susan Chong, John Denis, Werner Laube, Christine Rath, Moises Rodriguez, Will Roberts, Dieter Silbernagel, Boris Veliulov

Editor: Brian Cotnoir

Narration: Will Roberts, Ellen Wood

Interpreters: Eugenie Aeich, Helmut Bohme, Anita Gonzolez, Pavel Korchagin, Maria Maluenda, Dan Olson, Andreas Prasse, Christine Rath, Galina Veryovkina

Composers: Dean Reed, Neil Jacobs, John Rosenburg (and others)